About Be Habit Free

We want to help move you forward in your life, to help you find happiness, JOY and fulfillment!

Do you have a habit that is dragging you down? A habit that you wish you could quit but just can’t seem to kick it?? Perhaps your habit is smoking, or maybe too many nightly glasses of wine? Too much late night snacking?? Or how about the habit of having negative thoughts swirl around in your head day after day???!!! Let us help you BE HABIT FREE !!!!!!!!!!

Meet our Founder, Sherry



I am here to help you, and I know YOU CAN do it!! I know it to be true, because I’ve proven it to myself! Hi, I’m Sherry, the founder and creative director of “Be Habit Free” and I am proud to say I AM HABIT FREE!! I was once a smoker of minimum one pack a day, and I drank wine like some folks drink water! But I’m happy to share that I am now an ex-smoker and ex-drinker! Oh yeah! I know firsthand how to move into the mind space that gets you to the finish line. Not only quit the habit but sustain a life of being habit free!

Whether your habit is that you enjoy too many nightly drinks, or you want to quit smoking for good, or how about not living in the moment (… is it Friday yet??) my proven 5 step system can help you get out of your habit for good! I have a unique method which combines coaching to shift you out of your limiting beliefs along with Energy Healing which helps your physical energies unblock. Together these modalities are truly a home run!

My mission is to help you move forward in your life and find your true happiness and fulfillment. I want for you that you really enjoy waking up every day filled with gratitude and a sense of awe for what may lay ahead….. For each of us to know that we no longer have to stuff down emotions or feelings with destructive habits, but for each of us to know that it is possible to really step into our true power and live a life of joy!

My goal is to work with each of you in your own unique way. Everyone is uniquely individual and that is how my program works. I have a 5 step strategy which is then tailored according to your needs. You are magnificent you and that will always be honoured.