Are you ready to be habit free??

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    • Why did I start this habit that I know is NOT in my best interest?
    • Why do I KEEP this habit?
    • Why am I letting this habit rule my life?  Possibly ruining it on many levels?
    • What happened to my dreams, my passion? My energy?
    • Is there more to life than this??
    • quote7You’re sick of the negative voices in your head;
    • You are tired of your friends and family telling you to quit!
    • You see how much time, money and energy your habits are costing you!
    • You know the toll your habit is taking on your health,
    • You’ve heard your inner voice say it’s time to quit!
    • You are ready to quit for the LAST time!!



    A habit is something that you are doing but would rather not be doing! You are doing it unconsciously, it’s very ego based. This is a very heavy energy (catabolic) and can be harmful to you in many ways.

    When we do something for our higher good we can call that a practice or a ritual or routine. It is done consciously and it speaks the language of your spirit. It’s a lighter energy (anabolic). You want to continue doing these things because they serve your higher self and purpose!


    Meet our Founder, Sherry

    I am here to help you, and I know YOU CAN do it!! I know it to be true, because I’ve proven it to myself! I was once a smoker of minimum one pack a day, and I drank wine like some folks drink water, and you can only imagine how that played on my negative self chatter!!!! Whoa.

    So I am happy to share that I am now an ex-smoker, ex-drinker AND I’ve helped to tame that negative monkey mind!!!” What a relief. Oh yeah, I know firsthand how to move into the  the mind space that gets you to the finish line. Not only quit the habit but sustain a life of being habit free!

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